Mr. Scott Piersma


Personal Profile:  

I grew up in Northwest Indiana (Munster) as a middle child; I have an older and younger sister.  I enjoy all sorts of activities including playing a variety of sports and exercising on my bike.  I also love coaching volleyball.  My wife, Janna Sytsma, and I were married in August 2010, and we live in Villa Park. We also welcomed our first child, Samuel John, in December 2014.


Professional Profile:  

I graduated from Calvin College in 2008 with a Mathematics major in the Education Program.  I taught at Portage High School in Portage, Indiana, for 3 years before coming to Timothy.  I also completed my Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from DePaul University in March 2014.  I am entering my 8th year teaching and 7th year coaching volleyball including my 3rd year as the Varsity Volleyball Coach.   


Philosophical Profile:

I have the privilege of teaching a subject where God’s infinite wisdom can be displayed in the subject matter.  Every day I put God’s complexity on display and demonstrate how his patterns run our world.  Whether it is illustrating the intricacies of triangle congruencies or showing how calculus can be applied to the real world, mathematics is a subject of logic and patterns, both of which are apparent in God’s creation.  Showing students that our world follows natural laws and patterns will allow them to strengthen their faith in the Creator.

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